Fletcher Digital

Fletcher Digital was built by Jonathan Redford after years of solving digital problems that fuelled business growth and achieved creative visions.

We believe you shouldn’t have to be a tech whiz to experience the benefits of custom web development, excellent web design and automation workflows.

We love working with businesses and teams, doing what we do best in the development and implementation space, so they can do the same in their own fields.

Jonathan Redford

Jonathan (or ‘Jono’ as you’ll soon come to know!) is a curious web developer who’s worked across tech, entertainment, television and film distribution spaces in his foundational years.

From his early teens, Jonathan’s been driven by a hunger to understand how things work, applying that knowledge to real-world creative and tech-driven solutions. This natural curiosity has led him to work across a mix of languages and frameworks, building the foundation for his solution-oriented approach to full stack web development.

As a part of teams that used custom web development and automation to punch well above their weight in customer outcomes, Jonathan’s love for what’s possible in development stems from seeing the intangible become reality through critical consideration, a clarity of creative vision, and good old-fashioned hard work.

Jonathan lives in Brisbane, Queensland with his wife and his snoozy Australian Shepherd. When he’s not coding, odds are high he’s cycling the city streets.